About Glocal

Glocal: [gloh-kuh l] /ˈgloʊ kəl/ 1980-85; blend of global + local, an emerging concept appropriating elements of the global while simultaneously preserving local context and culture.

There is a substantial body of scholarly evidence that points to the importance of graduating globally competent students. Glocal strongly believes in the promise of international education. Glocal founders ardently believe that it is essential for academic institutions to reach across geographic, cultural, socioeconomic, and linguistic comfort zones and graduate globally competent students. Studies found that these students are likely to possess the skills that transcend cultural barriers. They are very well positioned to succeed in this increasingly globalized world where purveyors of good will and agents of mutual understanding are highly sought after.

Glocal participants will dedicate much of their time and energy to mitigating the disparities that plague access to education and health care in developing countries, although Glocal's mission overlaps with many realms of sustainable development. Glocal believes that such work will contribute to the emergence of a new generation of truly global leaders and critical thinkers who have the confidence, empathy, and global mindfulness to adapt to a constantly shifting world.

Glocal founders' many years in the field of academia and their close interactions with students led them to systematically observe that those who have accumulated disciplinary expertise abroad tend to possess an edge over those who do not. Furthermore, hands on experiences with health care has shown to grow student's clinical reasoning skills.

Glocal endeavors to make the world a more connected place by facilitating students travel and volunteer abroad while experiencing the rich culture around them as critical thinking skills are fostered, Glocal looks forward to being your partner in this personal growth experience.